this weekend was once again crazy but very exciting. i found out on friday that i had the opportunity to have my whole family in one spot (which doesn’t happen often), here! the only catch was….no one could know about it but me and my oldest sister erin. well….we tried it that way at least. finally i had to call kelly’s cell and get her to convince my parents to come here. i tried telling them justin had to work, jennifer was out, AND it was family weekend. None of which were all that successful but with kelly’s help and a little guilt trip they got in the car and came here. gosh it was like pulling teeth or something. do i smell that bad? 😉 (dont answer that!) erin had an extra hour or so of a ride from the opposite direction and she told me to keep my family at the apartment. it just couldn’t be that easy hehe so after many hours of trying to leave notice of where we were going, we were reunited back at my apartment. the funniest part was when my parents parked right next to erin’s car in the driveway and didn’t even put two and two together. it was hilarious! but i’m glad things finally worked out. i made pasta salad and we sat around and talked and laughed. justin’s family even made a cameo appearance. all in all it was a good day!