has it really been so long since i’ve written in here? i know you all were so worried 😉 today marks a very special day….yeah i know it’s veterans day but i was thinking something more personal…..the day everything goes back to normal. jennifer and i have had guests in our apartment since last monday. i love them dearly but at the same time i’m excited to be getting back to a regular routine and actually getting some sleep. last night was the first time in what felt like forever that justin and i got to just sit and talk and relax and spend time together. it was so nice! tonight one of my shows comes on “one tree hill” i know it’s almost a direct imitation of dawsons creek but i like it dang it 😉 other than working on a holiday there’s not a whole lot going on. i’d like to ask those of you who know my family or that feel nice enough, to pray for my family. they are going through a really rough time. thanks guys!