i’ve been working on an inventory spreadsheet of all the books we have in the bookstore. so far i’m on line 258 (mostly done yesterday). it’s really a pain…cuz every semester i have to create a brand new spreadsheet i.e. (<--for you matt) start from scratch typing in each book title, isbn, author, and price. I can't even use the previous semester's spreadsheet because the books are pretty much totally different. so there isn't an easy way out of it. the bad thing is...i really shouldn't have to do this because i have a computer program (courseworks) that will create a list with all the necessary information on it, but because the big wigs over in webb like spreadsheets, i have to go through all this trouble. it's ok for now because it's been slow around here but next week we start returns. and making sure pricing is right for the inventory is going to be quite a headache since there are at least 3 different prices on the books. i guess it's eeny meeny miny moe 😉 have a great day!