almost friday

i just remembered that i didn’t ever give an update about the job my dad was trying to get. as it turns out, he was unable to get the job. while it would have been a great job, i know God has a better one in mind for him. please continue to pray for him. i hope he knows how truly special he is!

On the brighter side…it’s almost friday and almost time to surprise both my parents and kelly. see, i get to pull a double surprise. my parents think i’m surprising kelly with my computer and kelly thinks i’m surprising my parents with my car. in reality i get to do both hehe. everyone gets to be surprised. i love surprises! it’s so cool to know about something ahead of time that you know someone else is going to just love and has no idea about it. not only does it make them happy, it makes me even happier to see their faces light up.

erin is supposed to be coming home too this weekend. i hope justin can handle all these miller girls at once haha. my dad will sure be glad to have another guy around.