weekend surprise

i’ll warn you ahead of time this will be a rather long entry…

this weekend, although a very sad time, was also a time of great happiness. i was able to pull off my two surprises with the help of justin of course 🙂 we arrived at my house a little after dark on friday. kelly was the first one to the door (she already knew about the car) my mom wasn’t far behind. she gave justin a hug and looked up and found the car. she was very surprised to see it and even more surprised to find it was mine. my dad came hurrying down the stairs after checking on the pizza in the oven and was all smiles too. erin came home around 11 or so and went out to look at it and liked it too. justin had worked all afternoon cleaning the car inside and out. it was too bad the sun went down, but the next day it still looked beautiful! (thanks honey!)

once we got inside friday night from looking at the car. justin and i ate some pizza and quickly got dressed to go to my friend mandy’s nanny’s visitation at the funeral home. we pulled up and went inside to find mandy. i did ok as long as i didn’t think about where i was and why i was there. eventually i was even able to quickly go look at her nanny. a couple of times i got teary eyed but was able to recover. we were getting ready to leave and each had some flowers in our hands to bring to their house when mandy, her sister jody, and jason went up to their nanny to say a final goodbye. that is when i lost it. i had to get out of there before the tears could fall. i got to the car and justin followed quickly behind with a comforting hug. my friend matt pulled up a minute later in his nice 4runner! and let me sit in it and play with all the buttons hehe. later we all went in mandy’s expedition to sagebrush.

Saturday was funeral day. the cemetary was only across the street from mandy’s mom’s house so we all walked. the funeral was beautiful along with the weather. i was glad i got the chance to be a part of it. i even got to stop by and see oma’s grave. then we went back to mandy’s parents’ for some food and fellowship. and later that night ended up going to the mall in asheville to eat and walk around. mandy’s niece came along and she really seemed to like justin, along with the rest of the group. he definitely fit in!

Sunday afternoon we headed to justin’s parents to show them the car and spend some time with them. his mom and i started on this 9 piece puzzle that i still think has no solution! haha

all in all the weekend was way too short and i didn’t get to see a lot of my family, but the time we did have was fun filled.