where’s the justice?

I was just at home for lunch and since I only get 3 channels, I was watching CJ (Celebrity Justice). One of the reportings was on an actor/director that was convicted of domestic violence. He was supposed to serve 90 days in jail as the punishment, but he told the judge he had plans to film a movie in Canada. The judge told him it was fine and he could serve his time when he was through filming. Now wait just a minute I say…when in REAL life do things ever happen like that? Is there a separate code of laws for celebrities that I didn’t know about? Apparently there is. If a regular, average Joe were to have the same punishment for the same crime and he had plans to go on vacation, the judge would have said “sorry Charlie”. I just don’t get how so many people get away with things like this. They aren’t super-humans. Oh well…guess that’s what we get for having men in charge of these things 😉