This weekend Tabitha, Heather, Justin, and I went to Black Forest up in Cedar Mountain to go camping. I had never been camping before and really wanted to. Heather had never seen a waterfall (in real life). Heather and Tabitha went up on Friday night (I had to work graduation so we couldn’t join them until Saturday at lunch). It poured on the poor girls and water leaked into the tent. Luckily most of it was dry before we went to bed on Saturday. We hiked some and saw plenty of waterfalls. It was great! We even got to do a little swimming. At night we entertained ourselves by playing Swap and Phase 10.

Sunday morning we packed things up and checked out before 12. Then we stopped by Connestee Falls and my house on the way down the mountain. We stopped by Looking Glass Falls too and then on to the Fish Hatchery. It decided to pour down the rain on us but we had fun running to the car. Then we stopped at the Hendersonville “mall” and it poured even harder on us there. Eventually we wandered back to Shelby and ate at Yamatos, then went back to Heather and Tabitha’s to play Phase 10 again. What a weekend!

Well now you are pretty much caught up on Bonnie-ville.