A New Ride…

Some of you know this, but for awhile now I’ve been giving an older lady a ride to her house every afternoon. She got in a wreck and totalled her car and hasn’t had a way to get around. I saw on her license the other day that she was born in March of 1929 so I guess that makes her 76. She is a sweet and funny lady but she can sometimes be demanding. I’ve been trying to help her as much as I can. She even wanted to come to Bible School on Tuesday so we went to grab something to eat and went to Bible School. After Bible School I took her home and found that she had gotten another car that afternoon. It’s a 98 Dodge Neon. She wanted me to take her to her church down the road and let her practice driving in the parking lot. I went to start the car up and the battery was dead because she had left her lights on. She was so upset and I tried to calm her and tell her that it was a common mistake. We got ahold of her landlord and he came and jump started it. Then we went to the parking lot to let it run for about 30 minutes. At this point it was 9pm.

After driving around forever it was finally time to go back to her house. She then said she thought we should wait another 30 minutes and I finally called Justin and told her he would know what to do *wink wink* so of course he said that 30 minutes was enough. After I parked the car I turned it off and told her I would restart it to see if it would before I left. She was just sure it wasn’t going to. Sure enough it did but she wasn’t satisfied and made me do it again. She was still not satisfied and I told her we needed to give it a break and not drain it more but she had her mind fixed and she got out and went around and started it again. Finally I had to firmly tell her to get out of the car and leave it alone. I told her she could always call me for a ride if it didn’t work. When I left at 9:45pm she was sitting on her porch and I just know she went back and started it again haha. I didn’t get home til about 10:05pm and then I just got a drink and went straight to bed. What a day!