Make Music With The Heavens

I just love the song “Sing, Sing, Sing”…I think that’s what it’s called.  We sang it at church again this week.  When I’m focused and worshiping and listening to the words as I sing them it just gives me goose bumps…goose bumps that only God lets me feel.  It’s how I know for that moment that I’m completely in sync with Him.  The words that really get me are:

“Sing sing sing
And make music with the heavens
We will sing sing sing
Grateful that you hear us when we
Shout your praise
Lift high the name of Jesus”

How cool is it to remember that Heaven is in constant celebration with Jesus.  There is always joy, peace, love, excitement, etc.  It’s just one big Jesus party.  So, when I sing that song and think that maybe for a moment my heart is singing to Jesus in the same way and at the same time that my loved ones in Heaven are singing…I can’t help but be filled with joyous goose bumps.

Many times while I’m at church…I’m listening to the message and the music, but I also think God is speaking to me.  I have these thoughts that come to mind.  Like yesterday during that song, I was thinking about how it’s often impossible for us on earth to celebrate Jesus like those in Heaven.  We live in a world of constant distraction.  So, when I can find focus and point my heart towards Jesus, that is when I’m in “heaven”.  I love that feeling and I think that’s why Jesus lets us experience that.  It IS a taste of Heaven and something I long for.

I also thought about the fog from the fog machines.  How the dry ice allows us to see the air particles all around us in a new way.  Normally we don’t give the air particles a second thought.  What if we thought of the air as Jesus.  After all, Jesus IS all around us all the time….so is the air.  “This is the air I breathe…Your Holy Presence living in me.”  I didn’t notice the fog until I focused on it.  I really need to focus on the things I take for granted everyday.  Jesus is here, living around and in me.   Thank you Lord.  🙂