Still Celebrating



I’m so mad at myself for not taking the time a few days ago to post. July 27th was the one year anniversary of us finding out about Hannah. I remember it like it just happened. I remember the feeling of anticipation mixed with the feeling of my heart sinking. I wanted the test to be positive so badly but had given up on the hope that it ever would be. I remember Justin taking my hand and then holding me close as we prayed to our Father about the pregnancy test behind the door we stood next to. I remember Justin going in first to grab it and I remember the breath I forgot to take as I waited. Then…it happened…the moment we both realized our lives had¬†changed forever. We were going to be a mom and a dad.

It was such an amazing moment between me, Justin, and God, eight years in the making and many heartfelt prayers. God is so good all the time. His plans ARE better than ours. Waiting eight years for Hannah wasn’t my ideal plan but she is a definite gift from God and I would wait many more if I had to just to get to be her mom.

Thank you Lord for this precious and perfect gift. We tell her about you every day and can’t wait until she knows you fully.¬†