Life with True and Trusted Friendships

There are countless times in the last year even that I can honestly say that I have relied on and lived on prayers from true and trusted friends (you know who you are). These aren’t just regular friendships, but ones that have proven, over time, to speak truth into my life whether it’s the easy and popular response or in fact, the opposite.

I’ll admit, like anyone else, sometimes hearing advice that differs from what I want or think should be, is discouraging and frustrating. As I get older though, I am learning to appreciate it much more.

It’s common to hear or think, “Well that’s easy for you to say!” and quickly want to discard that advice because, “Obviously they have no clue about my situation” or “That would never work…for me!” or “That’s ridiculous!”. But, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. With these established and tested relationships, this advice that is given, although it may seem easy for them to say,  is exactly why it could most-likely be the best advice to take. These trusted friends are looking at the situation from a different lens. One that is loving yet isn’t emotionally attached to the situation. It’s, in most cases, a clearer lens than I could ever see. So, it may seem easy for them to say, because it is. They speak truth without a quick and emotional response. They simply love and want to share what they know to help. It’s good stuff!

Advice from true (truth) friends may not be what I want to hear but it’s what I need to hear and it will set me on a better course for success and for me anyway, on a course to grow closer to God.

Find these friends people! They are out there. And…or…BE these friends!