prayers needed

Today around 5:30 or 6pm my sister Kelly called me to let me know that my grandma was going to the hospital. My dad was at work but left to go see what was going on. Apparently they brought her to the hospital for “shortness of breath”. My mom just called me a few minutes ago to tell me they found that she has pneumonia in both of her lungs. She is 88 (89 the end of this month) and has alzheimers. My dad said she can’t stand having tubes and wires on her and keeps forgetting what they are for and trying to take them off. She says she is really tired too and has a hard time breathing. They are going to keep her overnight in a regular room and said they will let her leave tomorrow if nothing changes.

I REALLY don’t like that hospital! Almost the same thing happened to my other grandma there. They made light of the situation and told us she would come home the next morning. That morning was when we got the phone call that she had passed away. I’ve not heard good news at all about that hospital and I used to work there (volunteer). I know how they take their time doing things and slack off.

I really wanted to post to let you know of the situation and ask for your prayers, that no matter what, God’s Will be done and to pray for me and my family as we wait. Thank you all so much! You have always been there for me and I’ll keep you posted as I find more out.

my little pony

Java is continuing to grow all the time. I’m always afraid for her to sleep because I know when she wakes up she will be a foot taller haha. Yesterday she was able to get up on the bed without help. Sometimes when she runs at me she reminds me of a little baby pony. She has learned how to sit…most of the time on command. Last night Justin and I were watching a movie and we looked around and both our boys (the cats) and Java were sleeping…Pixel on the chair, Apache on the loveseat, and Java next to us on the couch. It was one of those sweet moments when all seems right with the world.

In a few months Justin and I will be a part of our church Relay for Life team again. We did it last year and had a really good time and got to know more people from the church. This year I’m excited that I might be able to bring Java along to walk with and for motivation.

Well, I’m gonna get started with some work and just hope that this day flies so the weekend can start.

Good news!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that Justin and I heard the most AWESOME thing the other day….our niece/nephew’s heartbeat! Erin and Mike had an appointment on Tuesday and were given a great report! The baby is doing fine and actually 3 days ahead of schedule. The baby’s heartbeat is very strong too! We weren’t able to go see the video or see the pictures but they called us and let us hear the heartbeat over the phone. Erin has 1 more week (or til the beginning of next week) until she is through with her first trimester. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers! They are definitely working and being felt! The doctor’s are even telling Erin she can ease up on some of the medication she is on.

Shore Jr.

Ok guys, it’s time to start praying again or for some to continue with prayers. Erin and Mike go back to the doctor on Tuesday for a checkup. I believe it marks 3 months for Shore Jr. hehe Please pray that everything will still be great and the baby and Erin be strong and healthy. I will keep you updated the best I can. Thanks everyone!

Baby Shopping

This past Friday I was able to take some time off of work and meet Erin in Greensboro to go clothes shopping for Erin. I must say I did learn a lot about maternity clothes that I didn’t know before. As bad luck should have it, I only got to spend a few hours with Erin before having to head back home. I had so much fun though and get more and more excited everyday! Erin and baby continue to stay strong and healthy. She goes back in a few weeks for another checkup. I even got to see some pics of the baby hehe. It’s pretty tiny but still an exciting thing to see.

I was talking to Erin about what she thought she was having. I told her she was having a boy, because as long as I can remember I have pictured her with a boy. I also told her to never listen to me because always, when given a 50-50 chance I somehow pick the wrong 50. So, she will probably have a girl hehe but either way I will be so happy!

Well, I might blog more later but have to get some work done for now. See ya!

The end of rush!

Hey everyone, it finally appears that we at the bookstore have successfully finished another season of rush. After not having computers all day yesterday until 5:30pm and many other little snags along the way, it has seemed like a VERY long two weeks. I believe we calculated that we have worked approximately 112 hours in two weeks. I, personally, am exhausted and plan to veg out as long as possible this weekend. Somewhere in these two weeks I’ve managed to pick up a terrible sinus cold/sickness. If I’m not better by Monday I will probably end up giving in and going to the doctor for some real medicine.

I also wanted to take this time to share how awesome my husband is! I don’t think I’ve told him enough lately how much he means to me. This morning I was running late as usual getting out the door. While I was in the shower Justin made breakfast and a hot chocolate to go for me, he took care of the boys and Java, started my car, and brought me oj and a vitamin. It is so great to know that I have such a loving husband that cares so much for me, not only when I’m sick but always. I hope that I can show him each and everyday how much he means to me. I love you honey!

I know some of you are anxious to hear updates on Erin and Mike and their little one. I haven’t talked to them in a few days but so far so good. Please continue to keep them in your prayers and thoughts. We all appreciate it so very much! I am anxiously awaiting her next doctor visit at the end of February when she will be a full 3 months along. Her due date is August 27th I believe (mark your calendars hehe).

I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend! Stay warm…and dry!

thank you for praying!

I wanted to thank all of you for your prayers! I’m sorry I couldn’t say what for earlier. I’m probably not supposed to really post it on here yet but I’m a firm believer in prayer. I think that God loves it when His people humble themselves and get on their knees and pray. And I feel that the more people that pray, the better. Last week my sister Erin and brother-in-law Mike had a very important Doctor’s appointment. They have been trying to have a baby for some time now and sadly have lost 2. I am VERY happy to report that at the doctor’s appointment they found a healthy heartbeat and everything looks to be on track! God is Great! It also looks like Justin and I will be an aunt and uncle in August. Now that you know the news please keep my sister and Mike and the baby in your prayers. Thank you so much!

Prayers requested

Hey everyone, I wanted to use the power of blogging to ask a favor. I wondered if you would be willing to say a prayer after reading this. I can’t tell you why just yet but I will find something out around 2 today and even though I can’t tell you yet I know that God will understand your prayers. Don’t worry it isn’t directly about me. I thank you so much for your help and hope to have a good report for you later.