almost there…

Today is my “Friday” and I so can’t wait to get home. We have a mission trip meeting tonight at 6 but it shouldn’t be too long and there will be dinner too hehe. Then I’m off to the house to start laundry and whatever else I’ve been neglecting. Tomorrow will be a busy day with getting the oil changed on the car and more laundry and packing and cleaning. I always hate to leave the boys but I’m so happy and excited to see both mine and Justin’s families for the holidays. I’m ready for some turkey hehe. My sister Erin is bringing two of her dogs with her that I haven’t gotten a chance to meet yet. Hopefully they will let us sleep. Now if I could just make it through the rest of the work day.


I’m sure Matt is going to love this…

I was reading my usual news sites this morning and I happened across this article. It looks like there is going to be a new box of crayola crayons coming out that has a crayon named after each state. Ours is going to be “Grape Hatteras”. Enjoy the article!


Well Mandino, I was about to post an entry like I am now and tell you my opinion on your job situation. I guess it won’t be necessary now huh? haha Sorry I’m a little behind. I have been reading your blog. I just haven’t had the chance to comment. I was going to tell you that if going back to school is what you really wanted then I would go for the job, but I am glad that it didn’t work out because you seem happiest where you are now. Something will come along that will work out for you going back to school. Maybe you could ask the people you work for now or maybe another job will pop up soon.

For all of you that don’t know who Mandino is, she is my bestest friend! She was a bridesmaid in my wedding almost a month ago (this Saturday will be a month). She came early on Friday before the wedding and kept me sane. She is so awesome! I don’t get to spend enough time with her these days. Time slips by and before we both know it, it’s been another month and we haven’t seen each other. To show you just how awesome she is…On my wedding day she came to pick me up at Heather’s bright and early. I opened the door to find her with 2 cups of hot chocolate (like the old days before high school in the mornings). She knew just what to do. Then she continued to keep me calm all morning. She brought me to the hair place and took pictures of me getting ready and helped me to breathe. She was and is always there for me! I love you Mandino!

I hope that sometime soon we can get together and go to Huddle House for our strawberry shortcake and chocolate milk 😉 I miss you!

my baby

my baby Pixel has to spend another night at the vet away from his mommy 🙁 Justin called around 1 today and they were just starting to feed Pixel wet food and are waiting to see if he will be able to hold it down. Please pray that he will and that he can come home in the morning! Justin also told me that Pixel escaped his cage at the vet today and had them all chasing him down until he ended up in a corner. He must be so confused poor thing. I wish I could see him.


Yesterday Justin and I went home on lunch to check up on Pixel. He was not doing good. Justin found 3 or 4 more spots on the floor where Pixel had gotten sick since he left for work. I still couldn’t get Pixel to drink. We were finally able to get in touch with the vet and Justin brought Pixel in at 2:30. They decided to keep my poor baby overnight for observation and take some blood samples. While I missed him soooo much, I did find comfort in knowing that at least he was getting some rest and finally some fluids. I was able to speak with the doctor late yesterday afternoon. He told me that he suspected Pixel to have a mild case of pancreatitis (if that’s how you spell it). I am hoping that I can take my baby home sometime this afternoon. Poor Apache, has been looking for his brother. I can’t tell if he didn’t just like having all the attention again either haha. Keep praying for our Pixel. I hope he doesn’t think we abandoned him.

say a little prayer

For the past 3 or 4 days now our little Pixel has not been feeling well. We haven’t been able to figure out why but he has been sleeping excessively and vomiting and just not acting right. Please say a little prayer for our little one that he will be ok and start feeling better soon…and also that apache won’t catch whatever it is. Thanks!

west end weekend

justin and i decided to venture to west end for the weekend to see erin and mike. we left around 6 or so on friday and arrived there between 9 and 930. we stayed up and chatted for awhile and then we all fell right asleep.

on saturday we went shopping in greensboro. once we got there justin went on with the guys and erin and i were able to get a lot of shopping done. i think we tripled the amount of stores that the boys went in, and in the same period of time. and who says boys dont like to shop? haha just put them in a sporting goods store or best buy and watch em go 😉

we all met up in best buy and from there went to lowes and the mall. we had such a good time that we didn’t leave there until 845 or so. on the way back to west end we were able to aid mike in a lil cat and mouse game. fun stuff! justin and i left erin’s around 1030 or so and got home around 130am.

yesterday was youth sunday at crestview. our class ended up in a small room but it had bean bags and a futon 🙂 we had all filled out a survey to determine our spiritual gifts. for the most part i believe it defined us all correctly. the whole service was great. my favorite was “the web” performed by the stick team.

well…it’s monday…i guess i need to start working sometime hehe.

polk county

yesterday justin and i headed over to polk county to see his family. It had been quite awhile since we had been to visit. Hopefully soon we will be able to come and stay over to spend a longer time there. justin brought a computer with him for his granny and pa paw (hi guys) and now they are free to surf the net 🙂 his granny made an awesome meal for us yesterday! and for a little while i worked on a triangular brainteaser puzzle. then granny came over and helped me and together we were able to solve it!

well i’m off to start a wonderful monday at work hehe. have a great day everyone!