Childrens’ Church

This past Sunday was my Sunday to teach Childrens’ Church. Since St. Patrick’s Day is coming up this week, I decided to teach about that. The lesson went better than I thought. The kids were actually excited about it. (Thanks to my mom and Kelly for giving me the idea and book to use) First I had them color a white sheet of paper green (to take some time). As they did that I talked to them about St. Patrick’s Day and what they remembered about it. Then I pulled out heart stencils and had them trace three of those and a stem. Then I showed them how it made a shamrock and had them cut them out and glue them together on another sheet of paper. Then we discussed the Trinity and labeled each heart as “Father”, “Son”, or “Holy Spirit”. They were so excited. Then I asked them what they remembered about the front of a Lucky Charms box. Then they remembered the rainbow and I asked them who made the rainbow and what it signified. Then I told them how St. Patrick was a Christian and loved to tell people in Ireland about Jesus. I was able to find a picture for them to color too that had a rainbow and a pot at the end of it. Instead of the pot having gold in it, it was labeled “God’s promises.” The little poem under it said “God made the rainbow; It’s beauty to hold. His Promise of Life, not pieces of gold.” I just thought it was awesome how it completed the lesson. The kids were so excited and I heard one say “Wow, I would never have known that if I didn’t come today”. It was a great day and a great lesson! God is in everything!