Almost time

Please pray for Justin and I for we have shopped and have done laundry but tonight our main task is to pack for the trip. Please pray specifically that everything will fit in our bags, that we will not forget anything important, and that our bags will be within the weight limit of 50 pounds each. Thank you so much! We couldn’t be doing this without the many prayers lifted up for us.

If things get hectic like I’m sure they will and I do not get a chance to get back online before we leave. We love you all and will miss you. We already cannot wait to return and share our experiences. For those of you that are great prayers, here is a list of the names of people going: Natalie, Jeremy, Matt, Justin, Bonnie, Phillip, Margie, Janice, and Joy. Other names of missionaries and fellow Russian Christians are: Holly, Mark, Lori, Brad, Vica, Genady, Sasha, Mischa, Ben, Drew, Mark, and the Russian Grandmothers (babushkas).

Thank you so much! Be good while we are gone!