Wish List

I have recently added a link on the right side of my site for my Amazon Wish List.  I am by no means expecting any of you to get me any of these things.  I did this more for myself so when/if someone does ask me what I want or I happen to have extra money (hahaha laugh with me) then I can remember some things I actually want.  I know you all know what I mean when someone asks you what you want and you go blank.  So…this is the best way I know how to keep a list going.

In other news it’s snowing outside. We have had such a great winter so far with hardly any snow. It’s only about an inch right now and the temperature is perfect.  It’s not miserable at all at like 33 degrees. I’ll take it! We even have actual packing snow so I made a small snowman hehe.  I enjoyed playing in the snow with Java in my pajamas, boots, and jacket/hat.  It wasn’t cold at all.