6 years and a day

Today I have been married to Justin for 6 years and a day and I’ve loved, enjoyed, appreciated, and been grateful for every day of it.  Life and time has taken us many places in our 6 years together.  Things have happened that I had never imagined, like moving 12 hours away to Indiana, being jobless for 5 months, buying two houses, etc.  Through it all we have found great joy together.  I couldn’t ask for a more perfect mate and match for me and my life. Together we take steps every day towards Christ.  Together we are the best blend of each other.  When Justin is frustrated or stressed, I am calm. More often it’s the other way 😉 but we have learned to be strong in each other’s weakness.  It’s something that comes natural for us.  I watched a video testimony in church today about a couple and how they loved each other and she even said how much she knew that God had made them for each other long before they had even met.  I know with all my being that Justin and I were made for each other.  Together we are better than either of us could be alone.  God is awesome.  I am humbled and amazed but definitely not surprised by what my God has done and can do through us.  Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing me with my soul mate.