Hannah’s Daddy


It’s a very common thing for a girl to grow up and want to find her prince…someone like her Daddy. Sometimes it’s subconscious and sometimes it just happens. Well I definitely grew up and found my prince in Justin. There are so many similarities between him and my Dad. I thank God every day and sometimes several times a day for blessing me with Justin. I smile at the thought of Hannah growing up watching her Daddy and how much he loves her Mom and how he treats her like a princess. To think that someday she too will be out there looking for her prince…someone like her Daddy makes my heart smile.

I say all that to now describe the events of my day. Today was Hannah Joy’s first day at day care. I’ve been ┬ádreading this day and in some ways looking forward to it. For the past 10 weeks I’ve been so blessed to be able to be with Hannah every day. How was I going to be able to just hand her over to strangers (awesome people but yet not her mom or dad)? I started crying last night already as I held her in my arms and rocked her to sleep.

This morning I was a hot mess before even walking out the door. Each morning Justin and/or I try to dance with Hannah to some random song…sometimes it’s thought out and sometimes we just go randomly through our iTunes songs. Today was a random day…I closed my eyes and scrolled my finger down until I decided to stop and open my eyes. I landed on “What If I Loved You” from the Return to Me movie soundtrack. I didn’t know what it was but I liked the movie so I thought, “why not?” Boy was it a song chosen by God. Of course it was meant to be a love song but this morning the words (most of them) were a different kind of love song to my Hannah from me. I just danced around the room with tears coming down. What a beautiful moment.

All the while Justin was running around being the amazing husband/daddy he is trying to get everything packed and ready for work and day care. By the time we left I felt like we were heading on a long trip overseas or something. There were bags everywhere but we made it out the door and to Hannah’s school.

We could feel the many prayers that were lifted for us this morning. God arranged it so we were greeted at the door by Tim and Kim Burkey (my coworker) with huge encouraging smiles. On the way to the nursery I was already crying though. It was just too much to hold in but we were greeted by the sweet and totally amazing ladies of the nursery. They understood and I’m sure were used to blubbering moms. They made the transition much easier and after a few moments we kissed Hannah and were on our way. We even ran into Brittany (coworker/friend) in the parking lot as she was dropping off her baby girl.

We got to the car and the plan was to go to Dunkin’ Donuts to grab a dozen for work so Jeanna and I along with our coworkers/friends could drown our tears in sugar as we survived the first day away from our babies. But…my prince had something else in mind. He said, “Now we can go to Dunkin’ or we can go home and take a nap, or do something else…” and I gave him the craziest look because duh we had to go to work! Turns out he had arranged for us to have the day off to spend together so he could help me keep my mind off of worrying about Hannah. My prince swept me away for the day. I felt like a princess for sure. We went to Dunkin’ Donuts and each got a donut, then headed to Silver Beach to eat at Tim’s Too Mongolian restaurant (my fav!) Then we walked around and stared at beautiful Lake Michigan and then of course to Kilwin’s for ice cream (Can’t miss out on that!). And then on to Tiscornia Park to walk the beach and pier. What a beautiful day too! Perfect temps and blue skies and breeze. While I still missed Hannah, I was swept away with my prince and enjoying some much needed time with him. And, I only called the day care once, haha.

I am so thankful for God’s many blessings throughout this day and especially for my husband and his amazing heart and the care he takes of me. I love you Justin! More every day! I am not worthy but I am forever grateful. Hannah is one lucky girl! and so am I!