Max Jones

Justin and I found out early this morning that a close church friend of ours passed away unexpectedly this morning of a heart attack. His name is Max Jones. He leaves a wife, Kaye Jones, son Joshua Jones, daughter Katie Canipe (about 8 months pregnant with second child) and her husband Luke Canipe (they have a two year old daughter Kately). This is quite a shock. He was such an awesome guy, friend, and Christian brother. He was also one of my Tarheel buddies. He will definitely be missed. Please pray for this family during your day today and for the days to come. Thank you so much!

Happy Birthday Erin!

Hey Everyone, please join me in wishing my OLDest sister Erin a Very Happy Birthday! hehe (just kidding about the OLD part) I love you!

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Happy Birthday Jennifer! I always like this time of year…when…well…you turn older than me 😉 I hope you have a fantabulous day!

The “I actually own something syndrome”

I can’t remember if I actually blogged about us paying off Justin’s Passport about a month or so ago. Well last week we made the last payment on my Accord so now we both actually own something!!! Justin jokingly told me the morning that we submitted the last payment for my car, “the car better start!” (haha) but amazingly enough, this morning on the way to work the check engine light came on. I am a firm believer that car dealerships have this magic switch/button they push once you pay off a car to make things start malfunctioning little by little so they can continue to make money off customers for repairs. Hopefully it’s nothing big but I can’t help but wonder about the timing 😉

Another Semester Down…One to Go!

I have finally received my grades for my Spring semester and have been able to pull out two A’s. I’m excited because one of the classes I didn’t know where I stood the whole class (professor never really handed anything back until the night of the exam). The other class I did poorly on the midterm and so I had to do really well on the paper and exam to make an A. I’m not looking forward to the next semester starting in a week from today. The only thing I’m looking forward to is it being my last semester. I have one online class for the first five weeks of Summer. The other is a ten week course on SATURDAYS!!! from 9am-1pm. I guess I’m not getting to go anywhere all Summer. Oh well, I will be FINISHED soon!…if I can just motivate myself to finish and finish well. Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Today is my sister Kelly’s Birthday. We are hopefully heading that direction today to visit. I hope you will have an awesome day! I love you!