A little whisper

So it’s only been two years since I’ve posted. Here’s something I’ve been thinking about and contemplating the last couple weeks. Have you ever been just going about your business and suddenly you get this little…almost whisper in your mind that maybe you should go up to a complete stranger and talk to them or do something that’s completely out of your usual routine and comfort zone? No? Ok, well then, it must just be me. This happened to me the other day when I was in the mall. I was waiting for Justin to get out of the Apple store and was walking down the hallway from the Food Court. There was a lady in front of me that I could tell worked at the mall in facility care/cleaning. I had a sudden thought that I should catch up to her and tell her how much I appreciate her keeping the mall clean especially in these crazy shopping days of Christmas. It seemed like a sweet idea but then I got nervous. What if she thinks I’m a loon? What if she doesn’t even work at the mall (awkward)? What if she…? Then I thought, “Well, if she slows down a little, then I’ll do it.” A few seconds later she slowed down and well…I chickened out. I let her walk away down another hallway. Instantly I felt terrible. I thought to myself, “So what if she thought you were crazy? I bet no one ever stops her to tell her she does a great job. What if she really needed to hear it?” It’s been bothering me ever since. How often do I hear a little whisper like that and ignore it or talk myself out of it? Then I thought, maybe it wasn’t my crazy thoughts, maybe it was a whisper from God. Why else would I get random thoughts like that? God knows everything about me and everything about the people I encounter…or don’t encounter. What if I could have been a blessing to her? What if God intended for me to be used in that moment? Then…you could go as far as to say, since He knows all, that He knew I would blow it. He knew that it would eat at me so long that I would end up writing this post. What if this post is meant for you? Crazy huh? This stuff gives me chills of excitement. I love God and I love how well He knows me and you. How He has perfect timing in everything. Just a little food for thought. So, next time I am just wandering along in life and I get a thought like this, I’m going to try to act on it. Who knows who I could be blessing or helping.