last night justin sat down with me to help me figure out my loan situation. once we figured out the best plan of action, justin helped me apply online for consolidation. i’m so glad he was there to help me. i know i would have royally screwed something up. i love that about justin. he is always willing to help me out when i need it. he didn’t even complain. hopefully i will hear something soon from good ole sallie mae. thanks honey!

on another note….i got in a spring cleaning mood this morning at work. i threw away all the publisher catalogs i had. when i got done i could barely move the big trash can it was so heavy. and now i’m a happy girl cuz my shelves don’t look so cluttered anymore. now if only it would stop raining long enough for me to walk to Egypt to get to my truck in order to go to the doctor.

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! 🙂 =) 🙂