Yesterday when Justin and I got home from church, we saw that our neighbor was down in the creek in his back yard burning some brush.  We saw that Buttercup was out playing and Java (has now learned to jump up at the kitchen window and look outside) spotted her from the kitchen so we let her outside and decided to stay in the kitchen to watch them play.  We didn’t think she would notice Roy in the creek but we were very wrong.  She and Buttercup went zooming to the creek.  Roy said that Java went over the steepest part of the bank and then went for the water.  It was a good time.  The dogs love playing with each other. Java loved the water (she used to be terrified of it).  She even brought Justin a 6 foot branch from the water.  I can’t wait til we can get our part of the backyard to look like Roy’s so Java can play more.