Some things I’ve learned while raking leaves

So in the two hours it took me to rake the entire front lawn (not bad timing if you ask me), I learned a lot.

I learned that:

-maybe I should have found my own gloves before taking on such a project instead of borrowing Justin’s bigger and non-insulated gloves

-maybe I should have started at the farthest point and worked towards the road

-maybe I should have worn my “play shoes” instead of my new ones (oops)

-maybe I should have gotten my painting jeans and wore them instead of my good ones (oops again)

-maybe I shouldn’t have worn one of my nice jackets

-a tarp is always your friend instead of doing half of it with just a rake

-aleve will be needed for the next few days

-I should know better than to think that I would “just do a little bit” of raking

-I’m way too much of a neat freak to rake leaves

-the wind is not my friend

-leaves are heavy when wet

-it’s a good time while raking to talk to God.  (I had to ask Him to calm the wind and keep the snow away until I finished).

-God is so awesome to know every one of the hairs on our heads because I lost count of the leaves I was raking at 20 jabillionzillion.

-I still have ab muscles somewhere under the “winter protective layer”

-blisters hurt

-snow shovels are surprisingly helpful

On another note…God answered my prayer with a yes and kept the wind pretty calm and once I entered the garage when all finished I literally turned around to shut the garage door and the snow was pouring down.  Awesome huh?