I’ve been really busy lately gearing up for Summer classes and dealing with Graduation stuff. I’ve touched/packed nearly 700 books in the last 8 days to ship out to students. Justin was really sweet last week and came on his day off to help me ship some books out. He stayed for hours and with his help 100 packages were shipped out with multiple books in them. Thank you honey!

I’ve also been busy this week and last dealing with old car insurance issues. It seems that the Dept of Transportation thinks I’ve had a lapse of insurance when that is not possible and my original insurance thinks I need to pay a month worth that I was no longer with them. I thought I had it all taken care of and yesterday received more threatening letters in the mail of fines and legal action if I don’t either pay or fix it. I thought I had! but apparently my old agent hasn’t been doing her job! I called the Dept of Transportation today to tell them I had already been to the tag office and was told everything was taken care of. The lady first tried to tell me I only owned a pontiac and I told her no. She got snotty with me and told me yes I did! I asked her what she thought my name was and it was some Mexican name. I don’t know how she got that info! Anyway…she got really hateful with me about the whole matter and told me I didn’t take care of it, like I was told…yadda yadda. So I waited a few hours until I cooled down and called my ex-agent once again. She told me she would fax me a copy of the FS-1 form the Dept of Transportation wanted and the DOT as well and call the GMAC company to straighten out the other issue of billing and send that on a memo with the fax. Have I seen a fax yet? I bet you can guess the answer to that…It has now been 4 hours. I’m trying my hardest not to be mean but I starting to think I might have to in order to get something done before it ruins my credit and I get taken to court for something I didn’t do. Oh well…that’s how my day/week has been so far. I’ll try to keep you posted.

busy summer

I’ve got news…I’ve got all sorts of news…

This past weekend Justin and I went to Polk County. Saturday was Stacey’s prom night. Boy did she look amazing in that dress! Hopefully soon Justin will have the pics on his site. I loved her hair too! I hope you can see what I mean in the pictures. I hope she had a great time!

Sunday the girls went to a baby shower for Crystal and Todd. There were so many cute little outfits and blankets…and some good food too 😉 While we were out the boys snoozed on the couch and watched the race. Life’s rough isn’t it boys? 😉

I had a lot of fun and it had been way too long since we had been able to spend a lot of time there.

In other news…it looks like I’ll be a busy Bonnie this Summer. Not only do I need to order Fall books/check them in and shelve them, Work long hours during both rushes for Summer, and finish planning a wedding…but Jennifer just heard that she got the job she tried for in Charlotte! Isn’t that awesome! I am soooo happy for her! The only downside to all this excitement is the moving around. Hopefully, if the offer still stands I will move in with Heather and Tabitha in June until the wedding. Jennifer will go on her cruise in the middle of May and once she gets back will have to find a place in a hurry. Wish us luck! Isn’t life so exciting how things change so fast?

the wedding

i know by that subject you thought i’d be talking about my upcoming wedding but i am actually reading “the wedding” by nicholas sparks. I started it last week and only got a chapter read. things have been busy here at the bookstore with remodeling that i hadn’t had any time to pick it back up. last night when i went home i decided to just read one more chapter. well… you know how that goes, i ended up reading 2 pretty long chapters before forcing myself to get ready for bed. it really is a good book so far. and at least so far it hasn’t been mushy. it’s been more like reality and what i have heard from a lot of more experienced couples. i’ll keep you posted as i read (hopefully).


today has just been one of those days! it all started off with the wonderful sound of a lawn mower…oh wait that was my hair dryer this morning! hehe i turned it off right away and then that smell….oh that wonderful burning smell that we all love! so i had to throw my hair up and head to work with wet hair on a 30 degree morning. always fun! hehe

once at work i was great (laughing all the way at myself), then i started dropping things and running into things and just being silly. i think the phrase “when it rains it pours” will fit perfectly in my description of the day. all in all it’s still managed to be a good and quite productive day despite the review from matt’s blog hehe

sad news

i just found out in an email from my dad that my neighbor wayne lalor (a lady) passed away. she was the sweetest lady. i remember watching her dogs while she was away and watering her many plants in her greenhouse and throughout her house. she was always asking about everyone and was a very genuine woman. when my family first moved down here, my mom, erin, and oma were unpacking things while my dad drove back up to nj to get kelly and i. wayne was so nice, she drove to the house on the rainiest of days to bring cookies as a house warming gift and to introduce herself. awhile back she found out she had cancer and underwent some treatments. then she decided that she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life in and out of the hospital. she wanted to enjoy life, to enjoy her grandchildren, and time spent with friends. she will definitely be missed!

Relay 4 Life

I have recently become a member of the Relay 4 Life team at Crestview. We are currently selling knives. If anyone would like a new set of really nice knives please let me know. It would be for a really good cause! I’ll get you more information and pricing. This is my first year actually being a part of a team. Usually I purchase luminaries or donate. I like to do it in memory of my grandpa. If anyone just wants to donate, even $1 it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Last night after church justin and i went over to heather and tabitha’s to watch “radio”. it’s rare anymore to spend quality time with them during the week. when we got there tabitha hadn’t gotten home from work yet. we ate our “to go” plates from crestview consisting of ham, macaroni, green beans, something pineapple, a roll, and banana pudding. mmm mmm good! then we watched parts of “the apprentice” and “american idol”. around 930 we put the movie in and just had a great time. sadly i think 1130 was the longest we had stayed up socializing in awhile so we were exhausted and went home. i’m so glad we went. i hope we can do more things like that soon. speaking of things like that…i havent had a chance to talk to brandon or meagan in awhile. i hope you guys are doing well! less than 2 months left! you can do it!

also, if you have time and wanna check out justin’s pics there are some cute ones! especially of two of my three boys hehe.

beautiful day!

wasn’t yesterday an awesome day!?! after work i kidnapped justin and we went down to the river. by then the sun was starting to go down but it was still so beautiful. we walked along the trail for awhile. it was very relaxing. today is supposed to be another beauty! i can’t wait til 4:30 rolls around so i can be free! too bad the weather channel says it will rain tomorrow. doesn’t it always seem to rain on a weekend? hehe i hope everyone has a great weekend and a great spring break if you get one!